Is There an English Version of Qzone?

You can access and share content on Qzone in English with QQ International. Although the full version of Qzone is available to Mandarin speakers only, international users who don’t speak the language can still enjoy the main features of Tencent’s popular social network – one of the world’s largest.

Access Qzone with QQ International for smartphone

Sharing your life moments with friends and following their Qzone feeds is made incredibly easy and intuitive by QQ International for Android and iPhone/iOS. You can publish your notes and photos through the integrated Qzone interface. Tap “Explore” on the bottom tabbed navigation and then “Qzone”. You will instantly see your friends’ latest updates, as follows:

Tap on the top-right corner of your screen, on the “+” sign, to publish your content. By default all your current QQ International contacts will be able to see your shares when they look at their Qzone feed. You can change your

When you tap on the “@” element you’ll see your mentions. Tapping on any of your friends’ shares will load the selected element in full-screen. In this way you can open an article posted by a contact and read all of it, while a contextual menu allows you to repost, comment, or endorse the selected item.

You can customize your Qzone profile by tapping on your picture (which in the above screenshot is empty) or by changing your profile details via QQ International for smartphone.

Access Qzone with your browser

We don’t offer an English version of Qzone yet. If you speak Chinese you can login to Qzone using your QQ International account and start using the many features of Tencent’s renowned social network.

However, if you don’t read Chinese and use Chrome as your preferred browser, you can go to Settings -> Advanced Settings, and check the box for “Offer to translate pages that aren’t in a language I read”. Then the Qzone page will be displayed in your desired language.

If you use Internet Explorer, you can install Google Toolbar or any other plug-in to obtain an in-page translation of your selected Qzone profile or feed.